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Automated Valuation Models (AVM)

When there is a need for a fast and secure way to assess property values without performing a full appraisal, ID Check Direct’s automated valuation model (AVM) service provides reliable, precise and accurate results in a matter of seconds. Combining the best features of the industry's three leading AVM models, ID Check Direct's AVM service provides a powerful report at one low cost.

Mortgage lenders, brokers, appraisers and investment bankers count on ID Check Direct’s AVM service to provide a comprehensive property valuation report for every step of the lending process, from origination to servicing.


LPS Data & Analytics delivers complete, fully detailed and exceptionally accurate valuations, safe from fraud or manipulation, for virtually any property – across town or across the country.

Proven to be the fastest, most accurate and most realistic available, LPS valuations are based on our own industry-leading property database.

LPS AVM solutions leverage sound underlying technology and help capital markets professionals make the most informed decisions by offering a single, affordable source of reliable data.

Whether you use our AVMs as your primary or secondary valuations, you can expect a noticeable
increase in your efficiency Accelerated valuation processing Increased productivity Improved risk management Maximized cost savings

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