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Social Security Verification Services

When banks, mortgage companies, or employers need to confirm social security numbers, names or addresses, they’re looking for accuracy, security, and speed. IDcheckDirect’s services validate information securely, online, in real time. At the same time, the company ensures compliance with the U.S. Patriot Act and other applicable regulations.

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Instant Online Social Security Validation

Used for social security validation, identity verification, as well as compliance with the Red Flag and the U.S. Patriot Act, ID Check Direct's Instant Online Security Validation provides accurate, reliable results in a matter of seconds.

Use Instant Online Social Security Validation to:
Immediately see whether a Social Security number is valid. Determine if there are any other names linked to the social security number. View the present address and all past addresses associated with the social security number, as well as the length of time the person in question resided at each address. Check the SSN against the OFAC list and SSA’s Death Master Checklist. View the person’s date of birth, if available. View the person’s phone number, if available.
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Match or No Match Social Security Check

(SSA-89 borrower-signed form required)
Whether you need quick results on a single loan file or for a large pool of loans, our service is convenient, accurate, and transparent.

Match or No Match Social Security Check verifies whether a name and Social Security Number combination match the data in SSA’s records. The submitted information is matched against SSA’s master file of social security numbers. The identifiers used for matching include the social security number, the full name, and the date of birth. The SSA will provide one of three responses: match, no match, or deceased.

Simply upload the signed SSA-89 form to our secure website and results are received in minutes.
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